Our Mission


Luxurious Sustainability

Our mission is to create contemporary naturally dyed textiles and designs that connects people to their natural surroundings, by offering a sustainable option to the toxic textile production, that is ruining our environment today on a global scale.

We call this fusion of high quality textiles, clean natural materials and sustainable production Luxurious Sustainability.


Our botanical dyeing techniques are modern, experimental and sustainable, thus building on a traditional and historic craft. The studio prioritizes local, organic and ethically sourced materials in the production, such as dyes from locally foraged wild plants, organic garden produce from local farms and food waste production. We use only natural materials for our dyeing process such as plants, natural and mineral materials in combination with natural fibres, leaving out all toxic synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. Also we collaborate with local flower shops, florists and flower farmers who deliver their leftovers for our production.


Every garment in our collections are carefully made by handpicking ingredients with purpose and with the impact on our environment in mind. All our collections are produced and handmade in Copenhagen. By painting textiles with colours from flowers, roots and plants, we design poetic art pieces that makes moods, memories of places, people and special occasions live on in personal and unique garments and textiles.

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