String Top - Listening to Trees

String Top - Listening to Trees


The Flowerscape Collection

As each piece is naturally hand dyed, they are all unique.

The String Top features a simple silhuette and adjustable straps, tied by knots.

100 % natural silk, hand dyed with 100 % natural dyes

One Size
(approx. 35-70 cm long and 48 cm wide)

Hand dyed with madder roots and walnut.

Each item is hand dyed and unique since no natural dye process is the same. Due to the process of dyeing with natural dyes, plant material can fold and twist in the fabric resulting in unique plant markings or marbling effects. These variations of beauty marks make for a truly custom piece. 
Colours from natural dyes are “living” and vibrating but also more delicate than synthetic dyes. They react to chemicals and changes in pH and need loving care.

We recommend gentle hand wash with ph-neutral soap seperately or with similar colours, and storage in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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The Flowerscape Collection is made from 100% silk and naturally hand dyed with our floral landscapes. The collection includes three different styles, each of which can be chosen in one of four floral landscape colour themes. Each piece is dyed with natural colourants representing the theme, is made to order and therefore unique.

The collection items

The Kimono
The String Top
The Silk Scarf

The floral landscapes

My Childhood Garden - dyed with flowers and herbs from our favourite garden flora
Listening to Trees - dyed with roots, barks and nuts from our favourite forest flora
In the Golden Hour - dyed with our favourite golden hues inspired by the light of in the golden hour
Shades of Sea - dyed with our favourite seaside and coastal flora