The Flowerscape Collection

Dress me in flowers.

The Flowerscape Collection is made from 100% silk, handmade locally in Copenhagen and naturally hand dyed with colours from our bespoke floral landscapes.

How do colours influence your emotions and reactions? A colour can bring out the best in you. It can put you in special state of mind. Colours evokes emotions on a subconscious level and are a profoundly beautiful part of our sensuous world. Colours lead the way when we decorate our homes and when choosing garments to wear. Because they have a special meaning to us. Most of the colours we see today on textiles comes from synthetic chemicals mixed up in laboratories. These colours are not alive.

Try for a moment to imagine colours that has a deeper sensuous layer. Colours that lives. That vibrates and change over time. Just as life does. These colours come from plants and flowers. They originate from natural landscapes. These colours articulate nature. They speak the language of flowers. And you can actually wear these natural colours. Live with them, side by side. Bloom with them. You can wear flowers. This is what our garments from The Flowerscape Collection is all about. To dress you in flowers.

The collection includes three different items, each of which can be chosen in one of our floral landscape colour themes - the Kimono, the String Top and the Scarf. Each garment in the collection is hand dyed with natural colourants representing the theme and are therefore unique. Our floral landscapes includes My Childhood Garden - dyed with flowers and herbs from our favourite garden flora, Listening to Trees - dyed with roots, barks and nuts from our favourite forest flora, In the Golden Hour - dyed with our favourite golden hues inspired by the light of in the golden hour and Shades of Sea - dyed with our favourite seaside and coastal flora.

If you wish to create a personal garment with your own bespoke flowerscape, you are welcome to take a look at our Blank Canvas Collection.

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Photo credits: Hipermania